Sep 21, 2008

My Flowers 2: Heuchera americana "Dale's Strain"

Botanical Name: Heuchera americana 'Dale's Strain'
Common Name: Alumroot
Finnish Name: Keijunkukka

Heuchera americana "Dale's Strain"
Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox

This Heuchera has amazingly green foliage heavily veined with silver and bronze. Selected by Dale Hendricks from a wild population he found in the mountains of North Carolina. The small blooms are white, but are hardly visible because of the striking marbled foliage.

I got mine as a really small seedling from some lovely person I met through a garden chat 4 years ago.
It has taken some time to grow, but during this summer the plant finally was big enough making a lovely combination with Heuchera 'Palace Purple'.

Exposure: Very shade and drought tolerant
Hardiness: Hardy in USDA zones 4-7
Noteworthy characteristics: Attracts bees.

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Marsha Klein said...

I love heucheras - such beautiful foliage. I just planted "Crimson Curls" in my very badly looked after garden.